speakers-bureauThe Open Network Group has participants who are professionals and experts in a variety of fields.

A wide range of topics are available to clubs, schools, organizations and facilities. There is never a charge for the presentations:

Your Aura

Tune in to your Chakras

Capturing Better Family Photos

Create your own Photo Walk

3 Essentials to Living the Life of your Dreams

Smart Choices: Make Decisions to Transform Your Life

There Is Enough Time! A Brilliant System to Create More Free Time

Take Actions to Redefine Your Future

What is Coaching? Who Can Benefit? How Can it Change your Life?

Teaching Technology (Smart Phones and Tablets)

The Power of Networking

What are Essential Oils and How Can They Benefit Me & My Family?

Medicare – Start Planning at 60

How to use iProducts (iPhones, iPads, iPods, iAccessories)

From Stroke Victim to Life THRIVER!

Living the Healthy Life

How Gastric ByPass Surgery Changed My Life

Are You Living with Chronic Pain?

Are You Living with Anxiety and Depression?

How to Manage Stress in Your Life

Identity Theft

Firearms Safety

How to Respond During a Break-In

Creating a Safe Room in your Home

Cane Self-Defense

Women’s Self-Defense

Senior Self-Defense

3 Keys to a Wildly Successful Business

What is a Notary Public and How They Can Help You

How to Plan for College While Saving for Retirement

Understanding Abuse…A Spiritual Quest

Finding Peace in Terrorist Times

Prepare to be a Homeowner

Hurricane Preparedness

Seasonal Maintenance

Electrical Maintenance

Plumbing Maintenance

AC Maintenance

Weatherization and Ventilation

Indoor Air Quality

How to Hire a Contractor

How Music Impacts Your Life

Dream it! Speak it! Write it! Live it!

For more information:

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Or email: Debbi Reisig, calypsographics@verizon.net