Weekly Meeting Agenda

  1. Announcements: News of business events, opening and charity events in the community.
  2. 30-Second Commercial: Each participant stands and gives a 30 sec. promotion of their business.
  3. Speaker Presentation: A participant presents a 10-minute talk about the business they represent.
  4. Drawings for Door Prizes: Fun drawings for giveaways donated by members.
  5. Thank-Yous and Kudos: Participants have the opportunity to thank others who they have done business with or from whom they have received referrals.

Meeting Courtesies

  1. Meeting admission is $15; lunch is free.
  2. Please turn off cellphones. We collect $1 if your phone rings and $2 if you answer it. This includes text messaging and emails.
  3. Please abstain from side conversations when another is talking. We want all to hear each others’ introductions and presentations.
  4. Please arrive on time to the meeting. We gather at 11:45 for networking and start the proceedings at 12:00. From those arriving after 12:15, we collect an additional $2. It is important to arrive so that you have time to get your food prior to the meeting’s start. Latecomers will not be permitted to give their 30 second introduction.

*Courtesy fees go to the Social Fund